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« The village in the sky »

« The village in the sky »

Tourtour, nicknamed « The village in the sky », is a medieval village that is perched at the top of a hillside. It is situated between the last foothills of the pre-Alps and the plains of the Var, in the midst of beautiful pine forests, and with an unbeatable view of the mid-Var across to Mont Sainte-Victoire. Dominated by its parish church, Saint-Denis with its 11th century...

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Dear Clients,
Thank you for your patience over the last few difficult weeks.
We are happy to inform you that we will re-open our office from May 11th, and we would be delighted  to welcome you to Tourtour.
Please be assured that we will be following all of the safety guidelines and precautions in order to assure your health and safety during your visits.
If you would like to visit any of our properties, or to discuss your requirements, please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.
Wishing you a happy and healthy stay in Provence,
With kid regards from:
Alison Ralston +33 (0 )787 637 678
Anne Marie Biermans +33( 0) 494 845 660