The Var for an exceptional living environment

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The Var for an exceptional living environment
Posted on 19/10/2021

On July 11th, 2021, “Propriétés Le Figaro” published a study on France’s dream destinations. Seven of the mentioned destinations in the top 10 of this ranking are in the Var.
Less well known than the Cote d’Azur and the Bouche du Rhone, the Var stands out from the other regions in the South of France and Provence, by offering an outstanding living environment. The charm of the Var, which remains green all year round, is enhanced by its spectacular mountains, expansive forests, and small authentic villages
The region is very accessible because of the TGV train Paris-Nice route, as well as flights from Nice and Marseille airports, which are conveniently located nearby.
Many foreigners choose to take up residence here, to benefit from the excellent climate, the relaxed way of life and the beautiful blue skies. It’s like being on holiday every day!
Since the first confinement there has been a huge increase in demand from French buyers looking to escape the big cities and find more peaceful and perhaps safer places to live, with great outside spaces and clean air to breathe. Usually, French buyers generate 25% of sales in the region, but currently that figure has risen to around 70%. It is also a popular destination for the Dutch, Belgians, English, Germans, Swiss, Norwegians and Luxembourgish, and at the moment, we are also seeing an increasing interest from American buyers.
People who were able to continue working remotely during the shutdown, have now decided that they would like to continue doing so. For many people, of all nationalities, the sunnier climate in the South of France, with much more open space and nature appeals more than the convenience of living in a big city.
The process of buying has also changed significantly in the last 18 months. Buyers who were not able to travel abroad discovered virtual visits, with some even being prepared to make a full price offer on a property that they had only seen once via an agent’s mobile phone.
It is very much a sellers’ market at the moment, with 5-15 potential buyers for each property. The market is moving faster than ever before, prices are rising, and if you find that dream home? Buy it before someone else does!

The local population in the villages around the Var are warm and friendly, welcoming new residents no matter where they come from, as they understand that these are the people who bring money to the village and keep it alive.
Most of the villages have bustling Provençale markets, where you can buy excellent local produce – the fruit and vegetables taste like they should do and are very different from those in your local supermarket.
Every village has a sense of community, centred around its bar or restaurants, and people of all nationalities mingle to enjoy a relaxing beer, aperol spritz, or of course a glass of rosé together. I moved here 5 years ago, and it’s the best decision I have ever made – the Var is now definitely my home!